Actors Ink - Brian Bowey

Brian Bowey

Age Range:53 - 59 years


Personal Details


Height   185cm                                   Hair Colour   Brown                              Eye Colour  Brown


DOB   03 / 11 / 1964           





Education / Training

2005               Performance Skills Course                                    Actors Ink


2005               Advanced Course                                                    Actors Ink


2006               Professional Development                                                Actors Ink


2006               Showreel                                                                   Actors Ink


2007               Cinematic                                                                  Actors Ink


2010              Master Class                                                  Actors Ink





1998             Heaven will protect an honest girl            Neinbody         Cadell Playmob


1999             When Ally met Sal                                    Lucky Spatz    Cadell Playmob


2000             Cruisin’ up Blue River                              Tinker Toff       Cadell Playmob


2001             I love Honey Potts                                    Stu Potts          Cadell Playmob


2003             Captain Cadell and the Condiment Crisis     Boris      Cadell Hysterical Society


2005            Coffee in the Stars                                     Lumsby      Cadell Hysterical Society


2008            And then there were none                      William Blore    Evan Kleeman Players


2010               Beneath the Cow                                         Hugh              Cadell Playmob


2010               Having Words                                               George           Cadell Playmob




Television / Film            


2007   McLeod’s Daughters                                                         Millennium Television Pty Ltd


2007   Australian Quarantine TVC


2007   Number Two Paradise                    Dave Williams         Bungo Domingo Productions

                                                                                                       (Short Film)


2007   Useless                                   Cricket Coach          Guru  Productions

                                                                                                       (Short Film)



Other Information

Musician (Bass guitar): 20 years experience playing in covers band throughout South Australia. Bands include: Elixr, Hustler, Problem Child, Rockbiter, F.X., Therapy and Flyzize


Licences: Car, HA (Truck and Semi trailer), forklift, open motorcycle with experience with all vehicles


Interests: Film, writing, cycling, 4WD and camping.