Actors Ink - Gianluca Itropico-Noble

Gianluca Itropico-Noble

Age Range:19 - 25 years

Education / Training




Actor's Ink Classes


-Senior Youth

-Performance Troupe

-Elite Ensemble



 2009 - 2011 Semester 1

 2011 Semester 2

 2011 - 2013

2010 NIDA Summer Short Course - Acting (1 week) Scotch College
2012 NIDA Winter Short Course - Audition Essentials (2 days) Christian Brothers College


2012 Classic Couples Prince Hamlet Elite Ensemble end of year performance


Dir. Joanne Hartstone

2012 A Midsummer Night's Dream Nick Bottom Norwood Morialta Year 11 Play
2012 Wizard of Oz The Cowardly Lion Norwood Morialta Musical
2011 DNA Phil Performance Troupe end of semester performance


Dir. Joanne Hartstone

2011 Alice Dreaming The Albatross Norwood Morialta Year 10 Play
2011 King and I The Kralahome Norwood Morialta Musical

Other Information

Also performs stand up comedy as part of The Garlic Twitch. Has performed gigs at the Arkaba, the Palais Semaphore and the Rhino Room.