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Jarred Bazeley

Age Range:22 - 28 years

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Jarred Bazeley

Personal Details

Height:     185cm (6.1ft)         Hair Colour:  Brown         Eye Colour:  Hazel

DOB:  21/1/95


Education / Training

2006 - 2011

School drama

Saint Francis de Sales College



Entertainment and theatre technology  V.E.T course


Cornerstone College


2011 - 2012

Media studies

Saint Francis de Sales College

2011 -


2  semesters of acting classes, 1 semester of performance troupe and  2 semesters of the elite ensemble acting class

Actors ink


realism emotion acting workshop, body language workshop and voice over workshop

Actors ink






June 2011

Clue Dunnit

Inspector Bauldrick

Saint Francis de Sales College

November 2011


Adult Jack

Saint Francis de Sales College

November 2011

The Genie


(that was the actual name)

Actors ink

November 2012

Eager to breathe


Actors ink performance troupe

June  2013

Cast away monologue and scene from an education; performance show reel

Chuck Noland and

David Goldman

Actors ink elite ensemble (performed to Angela Heesom)

July 2013

body language performance

Rich man

The devil (Rowan Atkinson)

Actors ink Elite ensemble

November 2013

World war one; learn from the past

Captain Blackadder,

Soldier saying farewell and

the last doomed soldier


Actors ink Elite ensemble





July 26th

Jet Star Commercial

local traveller extra

Jet Star airlines

August 15th, 16th

September 11th

Anzac Girls miniseries

Injured soldier extra

doctor extra


January 29th

Road safety film; drink driving awareness

Steve Jones





Other Information

I have a YouTube channel and have been making videos since I was 16 and I have always enjoyed acting in front of a camera, editing, creating videos and making people laugh. With Rowan Atkinson as my idol I use musical comedy, absurdist comedy, slapstick comedy and all different types of humour in my videos. I also use the horror and thriller techniques I learned in my time at school in media studies. Link here >


I have always loved playing musical instruments and learned how to play the bass guitar for 4 years and was in a school band where I played bass guitar and keyboard/piano and am currently in a band with two of my friends. I have an ear for music and can generally learn songs and different musical instruments by teaching myself. I have also written some songs over the years with piano and sang them because I love making music. I competed in the 2011 school talent show which I won by playing a song I put together on keyboard. I can play the following instruments;


Piano/keyboard - self taught

Drums - self taught

Bass guitar - learned for 4 years at Mount Barker School of music

Vocals - I have a deep voice and can sing

Harmonica - self taught