Actors Ink - Karen Inwood

Karen Inwood

Age Range:54 - 60 years
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Education / Training














Bachelor of Arts. Flinders University-


Adelaide University-


Majors- Acting/Drama/Music.


Singing studies- Bill Bamford and Norma Hunter.


Piano studies- Eva Brudahansova.



The Drama Centre


The Elder Conservatorium


Diploma Education. Drama/ Music.


Flinders University









Chekov- "The Three Sisters" Flinders University. Olga.


Mary O’Malley- “Once a Catholic" Flinders University. Musical Director.


Shakespeare- "Alls Well That Ends Well" Flinders University. Diana


Steve Gooch-"Female Transport" Flinders University. Winnie/Singer.


Ivan Goll- "Methusalem". Flinders University. Mrs Katgut.


John Lazarus- "Babel Rap". Flinders University. 2 hander. Worker.


Neil Simon- "I Ought to be in Pictures" Adelaide Repertory, Arts Theatre. 2 professional Seasons. Libby.


[Won critics award- `The News Best Supporting Actor’ 1985].


R Crampton & L Nowra- "Beauty and the Beast". Space Theatre. The Stage Company. Beauty.


Devised- "Ring the Bell Softly there’s Crepe on the Door" Adelaide Fringe


[Winner `Best Fringe Award’] Agnes Dobson.


Christine Anketell- "My Place" Patch Theatre. Toured Adelaide metropolitan and regional. Toni, a child.


David Holman- "ABC" Patch Theatre. Toured. Lea.


Mem Fox- "Wilfred Gordan McDonald Partridge" Patch Theatre. Toured Melbourne; Victorian Arts Centre. Toured Brisbane; Expo.


Puppeteer- Mrs Jordan & Miss Mitchell.


Shelley McDonald- "Tiny Pod and the Silver Wings" Patch Theatre.


Toured Metro and Regional. Puppeteer of 3 puppets.





Independent Theatre Company. “To Kill a Mocking Bird” Ms Maudie










Television / Film    




Documentary/Training films

Women’s and Childrens Hospital.


The Waite Institute/CSIRO.


Deux Visage Productions [Food Hygiene]


Elders Pastoral


E.V.P Television [GPO]




The Crippled Children’s Assoc


Foundation Studios




Andrew Porter- "Joe’s Big Toe" Lead- Jandy


Post Sync work on many films.






Pizza Haven




Mutual Community


Dairy Vale


Queen Victoria Hospital


Transport SA


Nyal Decongestant


McCain Pizza











Voice Over


1980- Currently

The Advertiser


Hungry Jacks


Manchester Unity




State Bank


Gas Co


Exploror Coachlines


Adelaide Motors


Gauci Hair


Mt Lofty Springs


Fleur tampons


Le Cornu furniture




Tone milk


John Martins- Miss JM


Brumbies Bakery


Dry cleaning











Other Information


ABC- Radio work. 1985-1990


Marguerite Hann Syme- :Fire Break Belly Ache" Lonnie.


Marion Hoenig- "Happyrest" Nurse.


Donovan O’Malley- "Big Gertrude" Daphne.


Terence Crawford- "Shondelle the Tiger" Shondelle.


David Metzenthen- Johnny Harts Heroes. Kate.


Ralph Peterson- "Fade the Black- Jimmy Glass" The Voices


Poetry readings.