Actors Ink - Lydia Nicholson

Lydia Nicholson

Age Range:30 - 36 years

Education / Training

2009 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) Flinders Drama Centre
2008 Bachelor of Creative Arts, Drama Flinders Drama Centre



Date Play Role Director
2010 Best We Forget by isthisyours? Ensemble Tessa Leong

InSpace Development

2009 Clinchfield by Caleb Lewis Joan Michael Hill (Flinders University)
2008 Beautiful Black Snake by Alana Valentine Hades Tessa Leong

Creative Development for Vitalstatistix

2008 Flinders Comedy Project Stand-up comedian and Sarah Palin Catherine Fitzgerald (Flinders University)
2008 Oleanna by David Mamet Carol Lydia Nicholson and Jonathan Bragg (Flinders University)
2007 The Cut by Mark Ravenhill Susan Corey McMahon (Flinders University)


2007 The Lady from the Sea by Henrik Ibsen Hilde Kerri Foulstone (Flinders University)


Television / Film    

Date Title Role Director
2008 The Identity Project

(feature film)


Crew – Assistant Director for creative development


Robert Marchand




2006 Love Story 2050

(feature film)




Harry Baweja
2005 McLeod’s Daughters





Grant Brown
2005 Die Wes Die

(short film)




Cahal Coleman
2005 The Soulless

(short film)


Zombie Girl


James Mellor
2003 Deck Dogz

(feature film)

Extra Steve Pasvolsky




Other Information

Minter Ellison Rising Star Award 2009


Voice and Speech– Estill Vocal Method, Musical Theatre singing


Accents – Australian, Standard American, Tennessee, English RP, Yorkeshire, Irish


Clowning, Acrobatics, Stage Fighting – weaponry and hand-to-hand combat


Dance – Period, Ballroom, Jazz, Contemporary


Other Skills: Writing, Auctioneering, Basic Piano, Soccer, Volleyball, Yoga, Swimming