Actors Ink - Nicoline Hermans

Nicoline Hermans

Age Range:41 - 47 years
Hair:Dark Blonde

Education / Training

2011 Actingclasses advanced, Lak theater Leiden, Netherlands
2012 Actingclasses advanced, De acteerschool Amsterdam, Netherlands
2013 Acting technique intensive, Actors ink Adelaide, Australia
2013 Acting theatre skills, Actors ink Adelaide, Australia



2008 Amateur musical De Jantjes- Jan Lollypop entertainment.
2011 Amateur musical The sound of music-Maria Lollypop entertainment.






2010 Short movie youtubechannel jeedeeka The make-up



Other Information:

2008-2012 Experience in the Netherlands:

Show performance’s for disabled children.

Show performance’s for the elderly people.

Home visits as an entertainer for children.

Live entertainment in the streets of Holland during flower parade.

Photo actor for the website:

Photo’s for commercial flowers.

Special skills:


Stand up comedy

Native tongue: Dutch

Love for elderly people and children.