Actors Ink - Peter Green

Peter Green

Age Range:69 - 75 years
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Education / Training

1987-1989 The Centre for the Performing Arts  
1990 Shakespeare & Co USA





1997 Gulls      State Theatre


1997 Rodeo Noir   Vitalstatistix
1996 Fire on the Snow   State Theatre


1996 Don Quixote   Best Actor Award at the Skupova
1996 Waiting for Beckett   Festival in Pilsen in Czech Republic
1996 Taming of the Shrew   Lightening Theatre
1996 Solstice   Magpie / State Theatre
1995 Don Quixote   Carouselle Theatre
1994 Short Blacks   Springboard Theatre
1994 Whose Life is it Anyway   Springboard Theatre
1994 Waiting for Beckett   Carouselle Theatre
1993 Conversation Piece   Strut Theatre Co


1992 Whose Life is it Anyway   Iron Cove Theatre
1991 Invisible Circus   New Theatre
1991 Spring Awakening   State Theatre
1991 Julius Caesar   State Theatre
1990 Daylight Saving   Harvest Theatre
1989 Gulls   Harvest Theatre
1989 The Father   CPA


1989 Caucasian Circle   CPA
1989 The Zoo Story   CPA
1988 Norm and Ahmed   CPA
1988 a Midsummer Nights Dream   CPA




1997 Inferno    
1996 Heavens Burning    
1996 Territorians