Actors Ink - Rosalind Aylmore

Rosalind Aylmore

Age Range:54 - 60 years
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Education / Training


Flinders University Drama Centre                                                1985-1988

Graduate Diploma Education (Secondary)                                 1997


Film / Television


Telfast TVC – National                    Featured Wife                       8 Commercials

The 13th Hour (feature film)           Security Guard                     Shane McNeil

National TVC                                                                                    Laubman & Pank

National TVC  Regina                                                                     McCain Wedges  

Reach Toothbrush                          Boardroom Member            Anifex


In a Savage Land                            Minor role                              Dir: Bill Bennett


Kiss or Kill                                         Cleaning Lady                      Dir:  Bill Bennett


New Idea                                           Commercial                          Dir: Max Pepper


Dept. Education &                           Training Video                      Dir: Paul Worthington

Children’s Services


The Schmaltzarellas                       Guest Appearances            Ray Martin Show

                                                                                                            The 7.30 Report

                                                                                                            Adelaide Today

                                                                                                            Good Morning Australia


Hey Hey It’s Saturday                     Six O’Clock Rock                 Featured Segment


Mulligrubs                                         Tich-Puppeteer character   SAS 10 Adelaide






Live Theatre


Scam                                                  Premier Lockitt                     Junction Theatre Co

                                                                                                            Dir: Geoff Crowhurst


Mr Knuckles                                                                                      Magpie Theatre Co

                                                                                                            Dir: Neill Gladwin


Winter Play Readings                                                                     Vitalstatistix

                                                                                                            Dir: Ellen Freeman


Birds of the Moon                                                                            Patch Theatre Centre

                                                                                                            Dir: Dave Brown


The Secret Garden                          Mary Lennox                         Patch Theatre Centre

                                                                                                            Dir: Christine Anketell


Beyond the Labyrinth                                                                     Patch Theatre Centre

                                                                                                            Dir: Christine Anketell


In Cahoots                                                                                        Red Shed Theatre Co

                                                                                                            Dir: David Carlin


Aesop’s Fables                                                                                Patch Theatre Centre

                                                                                                            Dir: Christine Anketell


The Secret Garden                                                                          Patch Theatre Centre

                                                                                                            Dir:  Christine Anketell


Wild About Work                                                                              Junction Theatre Co

                                                                                                            Dir: Catherine Fitzgerald


Melanie and the                                                                               Patch Theatre Centre

  Night Animal                                                                                  Dir: Christine Anketell



Music Theatre / Cabaret


“Ex-squeez-me”                               Accordion to You                 Adelaide Fringe   

Barossa Under the Stars                support act                            Michael Crawford

Sunday Salon                                                                                  Adelaide Festival Centre

Comedy/ Cabaret                                                                             The Bakehouse Theatre

Comedian Lenny Henry                 Support act                            Adelaide Festival Centre

Accordion to You                             Support act                            Adelaide Festival Centre


That’s Amore                                    The Schmaltzarellas           The Space


That’s Amore                                    The Schmaltzarellas           The Glen St Theatre Co


Up Front Comedy                            The Schmaltzarellas           Melbourne Comedy Festival


The Three Terrors                            The Schmaltzarellas           Melbourne Comedy Festival

                                                                                                            Eastern Tour

                                                                                                            Adelaide Festival Fringe



Other Information


Voice overs for 5AD, Song Zoo & narrations for training films;  corporate singing for Don Moir & Associates;  backing singing on CD for Simply Helvetica and Six O’Clock Rock - The Stage Show;  Suit-work for David Jones & Channel 9;  directed stage show Six O’Clock Rock for Queensland tour.


Rosalind is a highly skilled tutor of singing and voice teaching in Adelaide’s schools, colleges and training institutions.  Her other skills include puppetry; script-writing; theatre & cabaret direction; vocal arrangements; musical instruments which include classical piano (AMEB grade 7), piano, accordion, guitar & keyboard and accents such as Italian, Irish, Broad Australian, London, Yorkshire & Cockney. Rosalind also enjoys modern dance, yoga & motorbike riding.