Actors Ink - Rowan Hopkins

Rowan Hopkins

Age Range:35 - 41 years
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Education / Training

2004 Performance Skills Course Actors Ink
2004 Advanced Course Actors Ink
2005 Professional Development Actors Ink
2005 Showreel Actors Ink



Workshop         Acting for screen  



Ahmin Tarohk





 Flinders University Drama Centre, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) BCA
2009 Flinders University Drama Centre, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Hons)



BCA Honors
2010 Christine King Casting Workshop Actors Ink



March 2011 Breaker Morant Lt Peter Handcock Ian Rigney
February 2011 The ‘M’ Word Man Accidental Productions
February 2011 Made for a Woman Trent Accidental Productions
March 2010 Live Fish ( Nominated for Fringe award) Craig Tina Mitchel
July 2009 Clinchfield by Caleb Lewis Hench Cox Michael Hill (Flinders University)



January2009 Crave by Sarah Kaine Character B Delia Oslam (Flinders University)






Love Play by Moira Boufini



Played six characters




Delia Oslam (Flinders University)
July 2008



Closer by Patrick Marber Larry Self devised
January 2008 The Underpants adapted by Steve Martin Theo James Aubry (Flinders University)



July 2007



The Jungle by Luis Nowra






Kerri Foulstone (Flinders University)




January 2006 Man with the Luggange by Eugène Ionesco Man with Luggage Joh Hartog (Flinders University)






Television / Film    


2011 Short Newly Weds Ryan M.A.P.S
2011 Short The disappearance of Lyle Humphries All characters C.R.Know
2011 Short Mariana Nathan Al Lad
2011 TCV Sky city casinoclipsal 500 Hero Kojo productions
2010 infomercial Cooking TV show Chef Zest Productions
2010 Short Love Triangle Wayne CLU Productions
2010 Short The Confession Dawson Glenn Dunn
2010 Music Video Hip-hop Operative Rowan Jester Mgee
2010 TVC Illicit Drugs in Sport Terry Ian Bone
2010 Short Lest we Forget Hopo CLU Productions


(Chris Uppill)

2010 Short Queen of Hearts Francis Josef Gatti
2009 Short Ignominy Thug Self devised
2009 Music Video Mad World remix Lover Self devised
2008 Short Kitchen Katastrophy Charlie Self devised
2006 Short Black and Orange Edward Maps
2006 Feature Love Story 2050 Extra Casting Temple
2004 Short The Last Dance Young Edward AC Arts


Other Information

Voice and Speech– Estill Vocal Method, Clowning, Circus Skills, Dance – period and contemporary, Stage Fighting – weaponry and combat, Accents – Australian, Standard American, Tennessee, English RP, Cockney, Scottish, Russian. Skiing, Horse riding, Running. Also tutors acting at Mighty Good Talent School- 8 to 15 year olds.


Martial Arts Training

Karate, Judo, Boxing, Thai Boxing, Kung fu, Kali. Some BJJ, MMA and wrestling.