Actors Ink - Shannon Mackowski

Shannon Mackowski

Age Range:35 - 41 years
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Education / Training

2015 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Directing) Flinders University, Australia
2012 'Muppest Puppets' with Phillip Mitchell Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, Australia
2007 Acting On Screen Actors Centre London
2007 Towards Physical Characterisation Actors Centre London
2004 Independent Research Study – Masters in European Dance Theatre Laban Centre London
2004 Movement for Actors Mentorship AC Arts, Australia
2001-03 Advanced Diploma in Acting AC Arts, Australia


2016 Ollie & the Minataur Carla Dir. Alan Grace, Duende Collective
2015 Camp Quality Puppets Puppeteer Dir. Elleni Karagiannidis, Camp Quality
2013 Like a Fishbone Architect Dir. Charles Sanders, Early Worx



I looked into the darkness around me


The Book Show ’11 – Ensemble



Shannon Mackowski

Zee Productions


Splash Theatre Co.

2011 The Departure - Woman Jenn Havelberg Forge Theatre Co.
2010 Theatre Ltd. - One Alan Grace Duende Theatre Co.
2010 Gerda’s Journey – Core ensemble Monique Kleinhans Theater Simple
2009 Cut (development) - Actor Sarah John Floogle
2009 One long night in the land of Nod - Producer Iain Sinclair Floogle
2009 Careless Talk – Dr Ellerbeck Chris Michael MOMO Theatre
2007 Bald Soprano – Mary the Maid Nicholai La Barrie Oval House Theatre
2007 Measure for Measure – Isabella Martin Mulgrew Tower Theatre
2006 Uncle Vanya - Yelena Nigel Martin Tower Theatre
2006 Paradise: The Musical - Maria David Taylor Tower Theatre
2004 A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Robin Starveling Phil Parslow Chopt Logic
2004 Save The Planet - Polly Michael Connor Adelaide & Wollongong Botanic Gardens Education Programme
2003 Pre Paradise Sorry Now – Myra Hindley Peter Evans AC Arts
2002 The Splendid Sideshow – core ensemble Sarah John Floogle
2002 Wings of Dust – Moon Princess Teresa Ludovico Teatro Kismet
2002 Dimboola – Bayonet Peter Dunn AC Arts


Television / Film     

2016 Mitsubishi TVC- Neighbour Roh Smith Jamshop
2016 SA Dental Service Training Video- Presenter Michael Williamson Mixed Mediums
2015 ALDI Supermarkets TVC- presenter Tim Murray Buchanan Group
2014 Beaumont Tiles- salesperson Colin Pearce Beaumont Tiles
2014 Independent Commision Against Corruption Daniel Pearce Educentric
2014 SA Health Stills Sonya Madden Cedre
2013 Dreamland TVC Kim Baker Baker Advertising



Alzheimer’s Australia Training Film – Presenter & Carla


Fantastic Delites TVC

Simon Williams &


Brendan Skinner

Roh Smith

Short Focus Films


Spirit Films

2011 ABC Navitas AMEP E-Learning – Sandy Jim Roberts ABC Australia Network
2011 Sleepless – Nurse Tim Jupe PixelForce Media
2010 The Invention of Hugo Cabret – SA: Heroine Martin Scorsese Sony Pictures
2010 ETSA: Switch On To Switching On - Julia Steve Whitham Whitham Media
2008 Cut – Imogen Nicholai La Barrie Hajie Bajie Productions
2007 A Wake - Mourner Emma Bodger Actors Centre Skillset Lab
2007 Night Life - Lover Ed Swabey Curtis Productions
2004 Forensic Investigators – Maya Jakic Lara Cowley Southern Star Productions
2003 Chris Green - Simone Shane McNeil Smoking Gun Productions
2002 Newmont Australia - Marie Jess Asz Kojo Productions
2001 The Advertiser - Radiologist John Chataway Kojo Productions
2001 Summer of Love - Ally Wayne Groom Star Alliance Films

Voice Over

2010 Barnacle Bill Restaurant Sean Timms Barnacle Bill’s


Timms Tunes

2003 The Water Show - Jane Chris John Splash Theatre Company



Other Information

Accents - English, RP, American, New Zealand.

Skills: Singing - alto, basic juggling, drama teacher.