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Richard Laidlaw


International Actors Agent

Richard is a man of many talents, originally an Australian Silver medallist Ice Skater, who upon completing a successful competitive career turned pro and toured Internationally with Ice Shows as Principle Skater, this was followed by a variety of other shows seeing him performing as a Singer, Dancer & Acrobat for world famous companies such as Disney, Warner Bros, Hollywood On Ice and many more.

Richard saw the need to create a company which specialized in producing and marketing shows to the then thriving entertainment industry, thus the creation of Essential Talent. The company has gone on to become an entertainment empire with the purchase of Actors Ink, SA Freelancers, the development of the Essential Talent Performance Academy as well as production arms of Essential Talent producing product for television and cable. Richard spends most of his time these days negotiating contracts for the many Professional Actors and Variety Artists he represents locally and internationally as well as overseeing this large entertainment empire.