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Representation Policy

Representation Policy Statement:

                * Sole representation by Actors Ink.

                * You consent to the use, storage, maintenance and disclosure of your personal information

                * You agree for your photographic image and profile to appear on the Actors Ink website.

* You agree for Actors Ink to email information to you regarding auditions, classes and industry info.

* You consent to be filmed, photographed or recorded. You authorize for the image / recording to be used by Actors Ink for the purpose of training, use in show reels, advertising Actors Ink and by doing so assign all rights to Actors Ink.

Actors Ink will act as agent for all paid acting / modelling work, Actors Ink will negotiate all performance fees at or above minimum Award rates. In some cases Actors Ink may when permitted will sign on behalf of the actor, student or talent standard industry contracts and facilitate rollovers where appropriate. Actors Ink is never deemed employer always the agent, and will collect all money on behalf of the student, actor or talent either deducting or adding a commission.

In some cases the structure of the arrangement between Actors Ink, the End User and the actor / talent / student will require the actor / talent / student to invoice Actors Ink as a Sub Contractor on a Tax Invoice using your ABN. In some cases where the conditions are compliant with legislation outlined on the ATO website Actors Ink will accept an invoice accompanied by a Hobby Form from the actor / talent / student for payment instead of an ABN. In the case of invoicing as a sub-contractor the agency commission will have been charged to the end user on top of talent fee.

Students, actors and talent also authorize Actors Ink by signing the Actors Ink Registration form (AI-Reg- Form) to disclose your personal information to Advertising Agencies, Production Companies or associated companies operating within the International Film & Television industry In order to receive work.

Visit Actors Ink site for full representation policy.


Students, talent or actors can terminate representation at any time. Notification is required in weiting or via email. [email protected] 

Actors Ink reserves the right to terminate representation of a student, talent or actor if:

* no contact has been made within 12 months

* behaviour on a job is found to be inappropriate

* inappropriate behaviour in classes

* if contact details are incorrect, phone or email invalid termination will be immediate

ADULTS - 12 months of active representation garanteed, beyond this point contact with the agency must be maintained or representation will be considered inactive.

CHILDREN - Actors Ink will only represent children whilst they are attending classes. Representation will extend 6 months beyond the date of the last class. Childrens skill level and apprearance change continuoiously therefore beyond 6 months the headshot and knowledge of skill level become out of date.