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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have what it takes?

1) Do I have the right look?

Everybody has the right look, however when it come down to getting the job or not, it depends on the look the director is after.

2) Can anyone learn to act?

Yes... But not everyone can be a star.

3) What does it take to make it as an actor?

Dedication, a burning desire to want to act, tuition, practice and luck.

4) How do I get a break in the business?

If there is any such thing as a break in the business it is about being reliable, which means being on set on time, knowing your lines, being easily directed and most importantly, being a good actor. If you do all of this you will be noticed and when the right job comes along it will be offered to you!

5) What can I do to improve my chances?

Keep in regular contact with your agent, continue to work on your craft and always give 100% at every audition.

6) Can I make it in Adelaide?

Yes! Mel Gibson, Dame Judith Anderson and Teresa Palmer started in Adelaide.

7) What if I have braces or glasses?

Of course this reduces your chances to a degree, but by no means eliminates you from getting work as an actor.

8) What if I am over weight?

This works both for and against you. There are character roles that require larger actors.

9) Is there an age limit?

You can never be too old to be an actor.