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Acting Classes

The acting program at Actors Ink focuses on the development of specific skills and techniques required for both theatre and film. Whilst there are many similarities both mediums require specialised skills that are taught within our courses. Due to the demands of the industry the main focus of the acting program is acting for camera.

Our aim is to develop basic skills for camera as quickly as possible, so we are able to send the students to auditions / castings for feature films, T.V. series and television commercials. …. In the first instance as extras and then as featured extras and ultimately for speaking roles.

All classes are designed to allow students to explore and take risks, developing  skills and realising their full potential within the craft of acting. The course curriculum is structured to develop specific techniques at different levels thus producing well rounded actors at senior levels. Each level preceedes the one before continually extending a student's performance range and introducing more advanced acting techniques.

Many of our acting students have received roles in feature films and T.V. series such as Shine, Sample People, Cut, McLeods Daughters, Stingers, Spank, Selkie, Sally Marshal Is Not An Alien etc … As well as stage productions such as The Sound Of Music, The Boy From Oz, etc and numerous commercials currently appearing on television.

All students are automatically registered with the Actors Ink agency.