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We often receive many emails from parents and clients sharing wonderful experiences Actors Ink has been able to offer. Below are a few of those emails.

Youth Student Working On Film

I just want to say thank you so much for the opportunity for Edward. He was such a pro on set and received great feedback. They couldnt believe it was his first shoot! 

Im not quite sure how or why he was selected, but wanted to thank your Company for providing wonderful acting training and the opportunity to apply these skills. 

We signed up Edward for acting classes only earlier this year because it is one of the only things that he loves to do. Since he was very little he has been re-enacting his favourite movies over and over. He even has his own You Tube channel because he loves making movies. Edward was diagnosed with Autism earlier this year which has explained his learning difficulties at school. However, he has excelled at both Art and Drama. He is an incredibly talented artist. Its nice to see him do so well ?? 

We are very proud of him today ??

Thanks again


Adult Acting Student
Wow, what a ride we had over the last term's acting course...  And I can't believe we actually got through the performance at the theatre, but we did it!

I'd like to thank you for your drive, expertise, enthusiasm, patience and understanding, and I learnt so much from you.  I loved it that you gave that extra bit for us... coming in early, staying a bit later after the lessons and taking the effort to know what would help us.

Now it's over, and I can think back on the term, I'm so glad I was pushed out of my comfort zone; it makes the achievement so much more enjoyable and satisfying.  I know this next course will also provide further challenges but, interestingly, I actually felt more at home on the stage than in front of the camera.

Anyway, thanks once again for a great term.  I hope we bump into each other around the place, and good luck to you and your husband on your new venture.


Mum of Senior Youth Acting Student

Hi to the team at Actors Ink

 Just wanted to drop you a quick email with some feedback.

 Last night I popped in for the parent viewing and I just have to tell you that I had a grin on my face from the time I stepped in to the time I stepped out.

 I was initially hesitant to let Melissa go up into seniors (because she was only 12 years old) but after seeing her last night I am so happy she was given that opportunity.

 How good is Matt! His energy was great! I can now see why Melissa is so excited every week to go to drama class. Great teacher and a great group of kids.

 Kind Regards Shelley 


Mum's of Youth Acting students

Just so you know, Louis is loving his acting classes.

Kind regards Kylie 


James will be returning next term. He has loved your programme and taken it in his stride!

Thank you. Amanda


Thanks so much Lana,

Just wanted to pass on the girls really enjoyed their first class, am glad I found you guys.

Thanks again, Amber