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Registration Terms and Conditions


By signing this registration form you acknowledge you have read, understood and agree to all conditions  contained in the Representation Policy Statement : 

* Sole representation by Actors Ink.
* You consent to the use, storage, maintenance and disclosure of your personal  information
* You agree for your photographic image to appear on the Actors Ink website.
* You agree for Actors Ink to email information to you regarding auditions, classes and industry info

It is essential you advise Actors Ink of any changes to your appearance, mailing address or phone numbers. In order to receive work in the Film & Television industry we may need to disclose your personal information to Advertising Agencies, Production Companies or associated companies operating in the International Film & Television industry. 


Actors Ink will act as your agent for all paid acting / modelling work offered to you either through this Agency or from another source. Actors Ink will negotiate performance fees for you at or above minimum Award rates. We will also sign standard industry contracts on your behalf and facilitate rollovers where appropriate. Actors Ink is never deemed employer always the agent, and will collect all money on your behalf deducting a commission of (Adults - 15%, Youth 20%) for the service provided. In some cases you may be put forward for jobs which require you to work as a sub contractor therefore you will need to have or apply for an ABN number. 


Actors Ink acts as your agent brokering deals on your behalf not as your employer. You are paid one of two ways either on the Employers payroll requiring you to fill in an employment declaration or as a Sub Contractor you will be required to submit a TAX invoice with an ABN number for payment. At the point of booking you for a job an Actors Ink consultant will advise you of the method of payment.


You can terminate your representation by Actors Ink at any time. Notification is required in writing or via email [email protected]

Actors Ink also reserves the right to terminate your representation if no contact has been made within a 12 month period. It is important for you to maintain regular contact with Actors Ink via email [email protected] to avoid termination.


Information is paramount at Actors Ink as it is the ability to provide accurate details to clients in order to maintain a superior service. The Privacy Act 1998 regulates the way Actors Ink uses your information provided by you. Personal Information includes any information from which you can be reasonably identified. This statement explains your privacy rights and our rights and obligations in relation to your personal information.