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Adult Acting Classes

The adult classes are structured as 10 week modules focusing on specific areas of acting with “Introduction to Camera” being the first module; this class is run every term. All modules are progressive with the curriculum leading from one module to the next.

Students graduating at the end of the 4 module syllabus are listed on the website under Actors Ink Graduates.


Class Overview

Introduction to Camera 

Age: 18 +
Term: 10 weeks
Class Duration: 3 hours per class per week - Monday Nights 7-10pm
Cost: $350.00 inc GST

Term 2 commences  29th April2024

Program: This course covers basic acting skills and techniques required to prepare the novice actor for auditions for stage and TVC's, enabling the students to deliver the requirements of a director. With these skills you are on your way to what could be a very exciting career.

  • Film Set Etiquette
  • Introduction To Improvisation
  • Self Discipline & Working As Ensemble
  • Characterization Skills
  • Basic Presenting
  • Audition Skills
  • Working To Camera

Course Outcome:

In the final week of classes all students will record their prepared monologue to camera and have a one on one introduction meeting with an Actors Ink agent to establish the actor agent relationship.

Acting Technique Intensive (Formerly Advanced)

Age: 18 +
Term: 10 weeks
Class Duration: 3 hours per class per week - Tuesday Nights 7-10pm
Cost: $470.00 inc GST

Program: This course builds on the previously introduced acting techniques and concentrates on the skills required for naturalistic and theatrical acting. Stanislavsky and Naturalism are the major focus of this module. Students also attend an audition to camera workshop and record a voice over demo in a recording studio.

  • Stanislavsky & Naturalism
  • Advanced Voice Techniques - Working in the sound studio
  • Acting For Stage
  • Camera Audition Skills
  • Presenting to camera skills 

Course Outcome: 

Final Class all students audition to camera for a TVC, film role and presenter.


Professional Development

Age: 18 +
Term: 10 weeks
Class Duration: 3 hours per class per week - Tuesday Nights 7-10pm
Cost: $485.00 inc GST

Program: By the time you reach Pro Development your acting skills are really starting to develop and we can begin working with you as an actor. For the first part of the course you will be working on period and contemporary pieces incorporating various acting techniques and ideologies.

You will work intensively on script analysis, character development and stage craft.

  • Advanced Stanislavsky
  • Advanced Voice Techniques
  • Acting For Stage
  • Text Analysis
  • Public Performance

Course Outcome:

In the final week students present a showcase on stage in a  theatre to friends, family and industry professionals. Upon completion of this course all students are invited to attend a one on one meeting with the agents at Actors Ink to discuss career opportunities.



By Invitation Only

Age: 18 +
Term: 10 Weeks
Class Duration: 3 hours per class per week
Cost: $495.00 inc GST

Program: The focus of this course is to make a showreel. It is the culmination of all the skills you have learnt in the previous courses, combined with acting techniques for film, such as eyelines, continuity and naturalistic acting.

Course Outcome:

In the final weeks of this course students shoot the various scenes prepared throughout the term on set with a film crew. These scenes are edited and presented as a professional showreel which is uploaded to the Actors Ink site and emailed in file format to the student via Dropbox to be saved on personal computers.

Master Classes

By Invitation Only

Maters Classes are run regularly at Actors Ink. These classes vary from 1 day intensives to 10 week terms working with specialist tutors.

Popular Master classes have been with Casting Agents: Faith Martin, Tom McSweeney, Dave Newman and Internationally acclaimed acting tutors.

Like anything, without practice you will lose your ability and your edge. This class is designed for professional actors to keep their skills sharp.