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Representation for Children

All children represented by Actors Ink must be attending classes.

There's a big call for kids casting in Adelaide, however when casting it's extremely important we put forward the right kids for the job, who not only have the look but also the ability to handle the job. The headshot we put forward to the client must be current, therefore to maintain our high standard of service to clients our policy is to only represent kids attending classes at Actors Ink.

If kids stop attending classes Actors Ink will continue to put them forward for a 6 month period before the file becomes inactive. Kids change so quickly - braces, pimples, height, development of skill etc., and it's imperative we are familiar with these changes so as to update our files. There is no use sending a student to an audition who has grown suddenly or has had braces removed when there is a height restriction or braces are part of the brief.