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Trained Actor vs Talent by Richard Laidlaw

05 Oct 17

Trained Actor vs Talent

Is an actor who trains with an un-accredited course any less an actor than someone who has trained at an accredited course? Does the qualification mean the actor is better than the actor without the qualification? I often have conversations with frustrated actors who have trained full time at an unaccredited school who think they deserve the same opportunities that an actor with a diploma or degree in acting are afforded.

In my opinion some actors have a natural talent and need very little training whilst other actors need the tools taught in a course. The skills can be obtained at both accredited and un accredited schools and some great actors can come from un accredited schools however the industry often looks to trained actors with a diploma or degree to audition for most film projects.  

At the end of the day the trained actors get the first bite of the apple but it's the person who is right for the role who wins the job, training or no training.

By Richard Laidlaw