Actors Ink - Eileen Darley

Eileen Darley

Age Range:55 - 61 years
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Personal Details

Height   163cm            Hair Colour    Red            Eye Colour  Brown


DOB   14 / 09 / 1962                       



Education / Training


Graduated from Flinders University of South Australia - Drama Centre (1983}

Voice Craft Training – Jo Estilll

Voice Craft  Training – Alison Bagnell

Laban Movement in Theatre – Bill Zappa          

Feldenkrais Practitioners Training-Alan Questel/Larry Goldfarb {2001-2004}




2002   Pom-Pom                                                                  Patch Theatre


2002    Pigs Bears & Billy Goat Gruff                               Patch Theatre


2002   Salt                                         Meg                            State Theatre 

2001  Pom-Pom                              Various                      Patch Theatre

2001  Each Beach                          Jan the Can              Patch Theatre


2000   Pom Pom                              Various                      Patch Theatre Co

National Playwrights Conference Various                 National Playwrights Centre


        Winter Playreading               Various                      Vitalstatistix


1999  Carrying Light                         Hannah                    State Theatre/Vitalstatistix


           Whispering Demons            Lou                             Vitalstatistix  


1997   Tales from the Arabian       Denizad                     State Theatre Co.



1997   Don’s Party                           Jenny                         State Theatre Co.


           Each Beach                                                               Patch Theatre Co.


1996   The Queen and I -               Leanne / Trish          Adelaide Festival Centre

         The Royals Down Under                                           Dir:  Max Stafford Clark


         Eye of Another                        Patricia                       Red Shed Theatre Co.

                                                                                                Dir:  Tim Maddock


1995   Storming Heaven                Sister Catherine       Red Shed Theatre Co.

                                                                                                Dir:  Cath McKinnon

         Three Birds Alighting             Lady LeLouche        State Theatre Co.

         On a Field                                Fiona


1994  Morning Sacrifice                 Gwyn Carwithen      State Theatre Co.

                                                                                                Dir:  Cath McKinnon

         Because You Are Mine         Fatima                        Red Shed Company

                                                                                                Dir:  Tim Maddock

         Body of Sin                              Various                      Red Shed Theatre Co.

                                                                                                Dir:  Cath McKinnon

1992 Dog Eat Dog                           Pink Tank                  Red Shed Theatre Co.

                                                                                                Dir:  Tim Maddocks

          Miracle                         Ida                              Vitalstatistix

                                                                                                Dir:  Christina Totos


1991   Sweetown                             Various                      Red Shed Theatre Co.

                                                                                                Dir:  Cath McKinnon

         Jonah                                        Ada                             State Theatre Co.

                                                                                                Dir:  Neil Armfield

         In Cahoots                               Brown Owl                Red Shed Theatre Co.

                                                                                                Dir:  David Carlin    

1990   Frankenstein’s Children Penny Farthing           Adelaide Festival



Film / Television


2001    Australian Rules                 Shirley           Tidy Town Productions


1999   Serenades                            Amelia           West Street Productions


Eternity Now                         She                Plexus Films


1998   The Adventures                    Mrs Brown     Barron Television Ltd                                          of Chuck Finn               


1997   Hubby Knows Best              Imelda           Dir.  Lindy Taylor                     


Inferno                      Gaylene         Barron Television Ltd                                                                                                         

1995   Inside Out                              Maxine           S.A.F.C. / Vitalstatistix

            Prison Drama Film                                      Dir:  Christina Totos


            The Music Shop                   Presenter       Banksia Productions

            Pilot - Children’s TV


            Shannon’s Wake                 Shannon        Dir.  Catherine McKinnon


1996   Short film “Snoring”             Tilly                Dir.  Darrelyn Gunzberg                             

1993   Two Years Later                   Helen             Dir:  James Callisch



Other Information


Between 1983 and 1990 Eileen performed in many  productions for Red Shed, Magpie Theatre, Troupe Theatre and Bush Dance Theatre. Eileen has much  experience as a singer in the genres of Cabaret, Jazz, and Folk.