Actors Ink - Jeff Lang

Jeff Lang

Age Range:46 - 52 years
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Education / Training


Vocal Training Greg Hart





2007 Rediscover your love Various Roles International Spectaculars
2007 A World of Musicals Performer Six Foot Something Productions
2005 Seasons Performer Matt Byrne Media
2000 Closer Than Ever Performer Side Line Artists
1999 Sunday Salon Performer George Street Company
1998 La Bayadare Balet Supernumerary Australian Balet
1998 NYE Under the Stars Performer George Street Company
1997 Treasure Island Various Roles Mighty Good Productions
1997 Diamond Lill’s The Kid/dancer Mighty Good Productions
1996 Peter Coombe’s A Christmas Tale Story Teller Matt Byrne Media



Television / Film    



2010 mental health training video Clinical Nurse Department of Health
2009 Cartridge World TVC Main Talent Gray Advertising
2009 Adelaide Solar Systems TVC Main Talent  
2008 Radio Rentals SA Team TVC/billboard/print media Main talent  
2008 Pancake Kitchen Main Talent Ko Jo
2008 McLeod’s Daughters
ep 214/812
Police Officer  
2008 McLeod’s Daughters
ep 208/806
Police Officer  
2008 McLeod’s Daughters Police Officer  
2008 Marriage of Figaro Sommelier For Pete’s sake productions
2007 Mcleod’s Daughters Police Officer  
2007 McLeod’s Daughters Police Officer  
2007 SGIC TVC (Handshake) Main Talent  
2007 Be active SA
(Flintstones Car)
Main talent  
2007 McLeod’s Daughters Police Officer  
2007 Rain Shadow (mini series) Simon Barrington  
2007 Auto Barn TVC Professor  
2006 Dr Plonk Police Officer Rolf Deheer
2006 Ezy Glide TVC Main Talent  
2006 Fielders Roofing TVC Main talent  
2006 McLeod’s Daughters Police Officer  
2006 Racing SA TVC Featured Extra  
2006 Constructing Australia Telegraph Operator  
2003 Sky City Casino TVC Austin Powers  
2002 TVC