Actors Ink - Jonathan Johnston

Jonathan Johnston

Age Range:35 - 41 years
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Education / Training

2006-07 Performance Skills, Advanced Course, Professional Development, Showreel Course, Cinematic Course and Master Class Actors Ink
2007 Mike Leigh Improvisation Method Course Robert Marchand
2013-16 Flinders University Standandised Patient Acting for Students Optometry Department
2015 Television and Web Presenting Course Lisa McAskill Presents


2007 ‘Foreign Correspondent’ Male Lead ‘Kurt Kolby’ Murrylands Cultural Festival
2011 ‘Aardfards Treasure Hunt’ Male Lead ‘Raams’ Whodunnitevents – Adelaide Fringe
2012 ‘Parsnip Days’ Male Lead ‘Suit’ A play by Faye Dawson-Wise – Adelaide Fringe
2013 ‘The Mystery of the Hansom Cab’ ‘News Boy’ The Adelaide Repertory Theatre Company
2014 ‘The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll’ ‘Johnny Dowd’ Therry Dramatic Society
2015 ‘It’s Just Sex’ Male Lead ‘Carl’ The Adelaide Repertory Theatre Company
2016 ‘Ross’ ‘Turkish Captain’ Independent Theatre Company



2006     ‘Dr. Plonk’ Featured Extra Vertigo Productions
2006 ‘Love Story 2050’ Featured Extra  
2007 ‘The Defender’ Leigh / Defender Maps Productions
2007 ‘Elise’ Police Officer  
2009 ‘It’ll Get Ugly’ Internet Viral Male Talent Drug and Alcohol Services SA
2011 ‘Supreme Chef’ Presenter ABC Marketing
2013 ‘For Your Love’ Male Lead Music Video by Jac Dalton
2014 ‘Owl Love Story’ Male talent Pink Sun Productions


2006 ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ Featured Extra Millennium Productions
2006 ‘Truscott HiFi’ TVC Main Talent  
2007 ‘Bridgestone Select’ TVC Male Talent Show Pony
2007 ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ Barman Millennium Productions
2007 ‘Fit to Go’ Presenter ACA
2008 ‘Drug Driving’ TVC Male Talent Spirit Films
2008 ‘Yalumba’ TVC Male Talent Nylon Films
2009 ‘Westwood Land Sales’ TVC Male Talent  
2010 ‘Keno’ TVC Male Talent SA Lotteries


2010 ‘Tecalemit’ Grease Guns Male Voice Over Internet Promotional Video
2011 Tecalemit’ Male Voice Over Internet and Corporate voice over
2016 ‘AvCon’ Male Voice Over TVC and Radio Material

Other Information

Presenting and Emcee Work

2014-16 ‘Murder in a Box’  Murder Mystery Events - Host

2015-16 ‘Raw Artists’ Artists Showcase Emcee

2015                 ‘Pink Pamper’ Breast Cancer Fundraiser Emcee

2016                 ‘Can:Do 4Kids’ Senseless Quiz night Emcee and Host   

Still Photograph Publications

2006                 ‘Bank SA’ Male Talent Loan Campaign

2007                 ‘Budweiser’ Male Talent Beer Publication


Search for a Movie Star 2006 Male Winner – the Look Studio and Actors Ink