Actors Ink - Matthew Ween

Matthew Ween

Age Range:38 - 44 years

Education / Training

1993 – 1995       Northfield Secondary School                          

1995 – 1997       Finished HSC Valley View Secondary  South Australia

Year Twelve Drama score 17/20

Feb 1994 to Dec 1997    South Australian Casting Drama School


1995 performed in an amateur theatre play for the Valley View Theatre group called  “Divisions”.

1996 performed in an amateur theatre play for the Valley View Theatre group called “Our House” as the father.

1997 in a short sci-fi performance for the Fire works at the Adelaide Royal Show as a soldier.

1997 performed in my year twelve production “ Billy Liar” playing the main role of Billy.

2001 performed in a seventies musical for the Nourlunga Theatre Group called “Flares”.

2002 Performed in a play at Scotland’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival by The Classic Attack Theatre Company, Cork, Ireland, called “ Judas”, a two hander collecting good reviews by the Evening News.


1996 played the role of Rick the school bully in a Vertigo Productions eight part children’s mini-series called “3-4 Ever”. Shown on SBS five times and prime time in Italy. Working opposite Bud Spencer and Peta Topanoe.

1997 appeared as a sports trainer in a Balfours Aussie Rules Football advert.

1998 appeared in a Mitsubishi Aorta advert set in the nineteen twenties as a young man riding on a pushbike.

2014 appeared in TVC for Websters Lawyers.


1999 had a small talking role as a naval officer in a Savage Land Productions film directed by Bill Bennett called “In a Savage Land”.

2000 played a main role in a drama sci-fi movie by G4 Productions called “Two Wells”, playing the part of Tim the bar man. Working opposite Gary Sweet, Alyce Platt, Vince Poletto and Hugh Sexton.