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Michael Hill

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Education / Training


Graduate Diploma of Dramatic Art (Directing), NIDA  1994


Bachelor of Arts: Educational Theatre, University of Adelaide  1990


Acting for the Camera, South Australian Film Corporation 1996





Year     Name of show                           Role Played                  Director/Company


2007     Hitting the Fourth Wall             The Director                  Michael Hill, STCSA Young Guns 8


2002     No Grace                                  Mick/Jeremy/Des           Michael Hill, Festival of One


2001     The Private Visions of              Conrad                           Russell Fewster, Bluetongue

            Gottfried Kellner


2001     The Fire Testament                  C                                  Chris Williams, ABC Radio


2000     Clark of Sarajevo                     Commander/Chorus       Chris Williams, ABC Radio


1999     Getting Ahead                          Maxford                        Chris Drummond, Double Bind


1999     The Old Neighborhood             Bobby Gould                Chris Drummond, Double Bind


1999     Eyewitness                                Murray Simmons           Steve Mayhew, Junction Theatre


1999     The Wind In The Willows          Toad                             Catherine Hill, EHJ Productions


1998     Oleanna                                    John                             Michael Hill, Double Bind


1998     Radio Brainstorm                      Stuart                           Quinton Dunne, Rockola


1998     The Toad of Toad Hall               Toad                             Greg Carroll, EHJ Productions


1997   Kookookachoo                           Pepper                          Dave Brown, Patch Theatre


1997     The Giant                                 The Director                    Piotr Tomaszuk, Carouselle Theatre


1995     Kafka Dances                            Franz Kafka                   Sean Riley, Oddbodies


1993     Macbeth                                    Macbeth                       Steven Gration, Magpie Theatre


1993     The Mystery Play                       Multiple roles                Steven Gration, Magpie Theatre



Film / Television




2002     Travelling Light                        Reporter                        Kathryn Millard, Toi Toi Films                


2000     From Violence to Nirvana         Security Guard              Tod Smart, Smart Productions


1998     Spank                                      Tones                            Ernie Clarke, e films


1996     Kiss or Kill                               Jacko                            Bill Bennett, Bill Bennett Prodtns


1995     A Good Game                          Simon                           Nicola Mills, CDF, SA Film Corp


1988     Life                                          Businessman                Vitmac Productions


1987     Bouscolade                              Soldier                          Richard Caon




2005  Stagg Chili (advertisement)         Hero                             Millennium Films


2004     McLeods Daughters                 Gary Muller                   Millennium Television


2002     The Wild Dragons of China      Narrator                        Lesley Hammond, LJM Productions


2000     Chuck Finn                              Bluey                           Ted McQueen-Mason, Barron



1998     Keno (advertisement)               Hero                             John Studley, Famous By Tuesday


1997     The Music Shop                      Chopin                          Joey Kennedy, Banksia Productions


1997     The Y Files (Pilot)                    Blotch (presenter)          Banksia Productions


1996 Crime Stoppers (Program 2)        James Crocker              Channel 9


Training videos:


1998     Taxi Driver Safety                     Businessman               Andrew Ellis, Film Positive


1998     Ending Offending                    Jason                           Readymade Productions


1997     Proactive Tele-consulting         Stuart                           Vitascope, Commonwealth Bank


1996     Mirage                                      Presenter                      Kojo Productions, Mitsubishi


1993 Readymix Training Video            Sales Assistant Video Communicators, Readymix




2000-08 ABC drama & Poetica (various)  Mike Ladd, Chris Williams, Kystyna Kubiak        



Other Information


Specialist Skills:



            Instruments played: Guitar

            Improvisation/Theatre Sports