Actors Ink - Michaela Cantwell

Michaela Cantwell

Age Range:46 - 52 years
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Maestro Betty et al State theatre company of SA

Dir: Martin Laud-Gray

Beetle Graduation Beetle Brink Prod

Dir:Chris Drummond

The female of the species Tess Thornton State theatre company of SA

Dir: Catherine Fitzgerald

When the rain stops falling Bath Law Brink productions/Adelaide festival

Dir: Chris Drummond

Assassins Squeaky Fromme Flying Penguin Productions

Dir: David Meloar

Mr McGee and the biting Flea   Patch theatre Company


Lion Pig Lion Virginia Stare theatre company of SA

Dir: Michael Hill

This Uncharted Hour Susan Brink Productions/STC

Dir: Chris Drummond

Translations Sarah Johnny-Sally Flying Penguin/Malthouse

Dir: David Mealor

Two Weeks with the Queen   Windmill Performing Arts

Dir: Wayne Harrison

Honk if you are jesus Mary-Beth Schultz State theatre  company of SA

Dir: Martin Laud Gray

Noises Off Poppy Noron-Taylor State theatre company of SA

Dir: Adam Cook

This Uncharted Hour   Brink Productions 1st development

Dir: Chris Drummond

Drums in the night The maid/Marie Brink Productions/STCSA

Dir: Chris Drummond

4.48 Psychosis Voice Brink productions/budgieLung

Dir: Geordie Brookman

“84” Julia 4 Bux Progressive Art

Dir: Ross Granf and Peter Neilsen

4.48 Psychosis 1st Development Brink Productions/Sydney Uni

Dir: Geordie Brookman

Young Guns 5 Play readings State theatre SA
A Thing called Snake 1st and 2nd developments Adelaide Festival centre trust

Dir: Ross Ganf

Rope   Brink Productions Dir: Sam Haren




Wharf at Woolloomooloo   Vitalstaistix

Dir: Maude Davies

Cut Snake   Adelaide International Film Festival
Killer Joe Dottie Smith Adelaide Fringe Festival

Dir: Hannah MacDougall

Killer Joe Dottie Smith State theatre/Brink Prod

Dir: Hannah MacDougall

Young Guns 11 Play readings Stare theatre SA

Dir: Chris Drummond

Third World Blues Elizabeth State theatre SA

Dir: Catherine Fitzgerald

Sweet road Carla State theatre SA/Playbox theatre CO.

Dir: Aubrey Mellor

The Ecstatic Bible Elizabeth/Claudia Brink Productions

Dir: Tim Maddock/ Howard Barker

Ursula Cynthia Brink Productions

Dir: Tim Maddock

Roberto Zucco The Girl Brink Productions

Dir: Tim Maddock

The Europeans Sussanah/ The Midwife Brink Productions

Dir: Tim Maddock

The Misanthrope Ellie Brink Productions

Dir: Tim Maddock

Uncle (Vanya) Sonya Brink Productions

Dir: Tim Maddock

Storming Heaven Mary Red Shed Theatre Co.

Dir: Cath McKinnon

Three Birds Alighting On a Field Jean/Gwen/Nicole/Katrina State theatre SA

Dir: Cath McKinnon

Nethrwood Miss Jelbart Dir: Benedict Andrews
Gypsy Rose Graduation Productions

Dir: Michael Fuller

Station 1: Body of sin Group devised co-prod Red Shed theatre Co.

Dir: Cath McKinnon

An hour with george Cabaret presenting the music of George Gershwin Dir: Michael Fuller
New Anatomies Verda Miles/ Anna/ Si Lachmi Yasmina/ Captain Sabiel