Actors Ink - Therese Hornby

Therese Hornby

Age Range:46 - 52 years
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Education / Training

2009 Basic Performance Skills Course Actors Ink
2009 Advanced Performance Skills Course Actors Ink
2009 Professional Development Course Actors Ink
2009 Richard Jasek’s Master Class Wizzy Evans
2010 Screen Test Process Course Wizzy Evans
2010 Marcus Graham’s Master Class Wizzy Evans
2010 Christine King Casting Actors Ink
2010 Show reel Actors Ink
2010 Stanislavski Master Class Actors Ink
2010 Master Class Wizzy Evans
2013 Australian Radio School Introductory Course Sean Craig Murphy


2010   Role Playing Mother Australian College of
      Psychiatry Exams
2011 Are You Being Served? Nurse/Conchita Adelaide Repertory Theatre
2011 The Wyrd Sisters Nanny Ogg Unseen Theatre Company
2012 All My Sons Sue Bayliss Adelaide Repertory Theatre


2010 Oranges and Sunshine – UK film Featured Extra Jim Loach
2012 Eliza LEAD – Susan Ling H Qu