Actors Ink - Simon Lancione

Simon Lancione

Age Range:29 - 35 years

Personal Details


Height   171cm                                   Hair Colour   Brown                               Eye Colour  Brown


DOB   7/5/1986        



Education / Training

 2005-2007                            Advanced Diploma of Arts (Acting)

                                                Adelaide Centre for the Arts (AC Arts), Adelaide SA


2005-2009                             Bachelor of Arts (Australian Studies)

                                                University of South Australia, Adelaide SA


2009                                       Summer Cultural Exchange Program

                                                Pukyong National University, Busan Korea


2009-                                      Bachelor of International Studies

                                                Adelaide University, Adelaide SA


2010-                                     Bachelor of Honours (Drama)

                                                University of South Australia, Adelaide SA





            Production                                        Character                  Director                      Company


2008   Antony and Cleopatra                     Agrippa, Clown        Brant Eustice        Adelaide Uni                                                                Soothsayer                                               Theatre Guild

2008   Rebecca’s Story                               Don Rodriguez         Geoff Crowhurst   Adelaide Uni

                                                                                                                                           Theatre Guild

2007   Road                                                  Curt, Mr Bald Aarne Neeme           AC Arts


Julius Caesar                                   Decius Brutus          Peter Dunn               AC Arts


The Cradle Will Rock                      President Prexy        Geoff Crowhurst      AC Arts


            Marat/Sade (Adelaide Fringe)       Herald                        Paul Peers                AC Arts


2006   Land of Misery and Hope               Johann Herbig         Peter Dunn               AC Arts


            Chicago Chicago                             Multiple Roles          Peter Dunn               AC Arts


            Bang (Cabaret Show)                     Singer                                    Carol Young             AC Arts


            Robin Hood & His Merry Men        Friar Tuck                  Jenn Havelberg       AC Arts


            Hands Across the Sea                    Mr Wadhurst             Glenn Hayden          AC Arts


            7 Seconds In God We Trust           The Critic                   Philip Parslow          AC Arts


2005   The Life of Galileo                           Crowd Member         Peter Dunn               AC Arts



Television / Film    


2007   Only House on the Street               Todd                           Dave Wade          Thunderstorm


Steak Knife                                 Infomercial Salesman Zane Roach              Delmarchi


SA Police Recruitment TVC          Bulldogs Supporter Clay Glen              Glen Pictures


2006   ‘Untitled’                                            Kevin                                                              Uni SA


            How Good Would This Feel           Crowd Member         Jonathon Mill            Unions SA


2005   Break and Enter                               Jo                                Ben Crisp                  AC Arts


            Saturday Knights                             Henry                         Pat Prendergast       MAPS


2002   Australian Rules                              Crowd Member         Paul Golman                        Tidy Town


Voice Over

Other Information

Technical Experience

            Production                                        Role In Production              Company / Director


2009   The Legend of King O’Malley        Voice/Singing Coach          Adrian Gurthrie

                                                                        Assistant Director

2009   Journey to the West                        Director                                  Uni SA


2005   In Liu of Flowers                              Stage Hand                           AC Arts


2004   Beach Blanket Tempest                 Crew Manager                      Trevor Thomas


2003   Slick                                                   Crew Manager                      Trevor Thomas






Community Events


2006   II Cielo Che Danza              Performer/Movement Tech            Studio Festi


2005   Maestros and Apprent.        Foyer Performer                               Helpmann Academy


            Variety Club Bash               Foyer Performer                               Variety Club


            The First Curtain Call          Foyer Performer                               Adelaide Festival Centre


            Refugees (Self Devised)    Street Performer                               Amnesty International



Writing. Accents. Furniture Building. Speak Korean. Learners permit drivers licence. Competent Knowledge in History and Current Politics.